I started Divine Greens in 2016 to grow healthy local food using the most sustainable methods possible but it has grown into something much more than that. Read about My Journey by clicking on this link. It has brought me to New Mexico where living sustainably, reducing waste, protecting the remaining wild areas and animal rights have become driving forces of mine. Growing food is still a main focus and I will share tips and tricks on doing that successfully. I will also share ideas on reducing waste, up-cycling and healthy living. When we take a deeper look at the impact humans are having on the Earth it doesn’t look good.  Rather than let all the things we can’t change overwhelm us I believe it is much more energizing to focus on the things we can do in our daily lives and look for solutions we can be a part of. The things we do everyday have a bigger impact than we know. Our food choices, what we are consuming, who we are supporting with our money are all things shaping the future. Besides growing food we aim to help educate and inspire people to take action, live happy and help make the Earth a better place.



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“PUM”kins: Decorating for Halloween with trash.

Today, with the help of some milk jugs, we decided to make some halloween decor without buying anything or creating any extra waste. What did we come up with? PUMkins! This is a super easy project and all that you need is a milk jug, some scissors and a mud puddle. Just draw your spooky … Continue reading “PUM”kins: Decorating for Halloween with trash.

Eco bricks: an easy alternative to trashing trash

If you are anything like me your trash seems to pile up with packaging that isn’t recyclable and hard to reuse. Thanks to our friend Faith in Santa Fe we have a new solution to this problem that may be becoming a border line addiction for my partner. Eco bricks are a sustainable solution to … Continue reading Eco bricks: an easy alternative to trashing trash

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