7-Day Juice Fast

I have decided to do a 7-day juice fast and now on day 4 thought it would be a good idea to share how it’s going and why the hell anybody would do this!  I have heard about juicing for awhile now but never gave it much thought just blowing it off as another fad.  But over the past year I have become very interested in the idea of using our food as medicine, so after reading “The Earth Diet” it seemed like a good time to start practicing what I preach and consuming only fresh vegetable/fruit juice for 7 days was a good starting point.  My intention with this is to partially detox my body from a long history of poor eating habits filled with fast food, chemicals and all the crap that is so easy to love.  I am hoping that it will also help me rediscover the joy of eating and ultimately the joy of living because these two things are intertwined more than I know and some would say our relationship to food is reflective of our relationship to life!  With all that said I feel pretty good, am still living and haven’t completely lost my mind (though some may argue that point), I do really want a cheeseburger but I am staying the course and will see what the next 3 days bring.

2 thoughts on “7-Day Juice Fast

  1. So, it has been a long time since August and the 7-day food fast is long from over! How have you fared? Curious about what you added back in first and how you have changed your eating to date? Hope things went well for you and that you are feeling great!


    1. The juice fast went great, I transitioned back to food with soup for 2 days and it went smoothly. The juice fast was a good way for me to re-evaluate my relationship with food. As of November I am eating completely vegan and feel better than ever.

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