Why you should eat micro-greens

By now everyone has probably heard about micro-greens and the magical power they have to give you super human strength and live to be 120 years old (just kidding), but they are pretty great and here are some real benefits.

  • They are packed with vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown these baby plants to have higher levels of vital nutrients than mature ones, and in some cases up to 40 times higher! Different varieties will have differing nutritional content so it is good to find a couple you like and mix it up.
  • Versatility in the kitchen makes them easy to add to just about any meal.  They can be mixed in with a salad, topping for a sandwich, fried with some oil or they are delicious alone as a snack. My favorites include; sunflower, pea, radish and cilantro but just about any vegetable can be grown as a micro.
  • They grow quickly and easily without taking up much space so anyone can have micro-greens year round with a little bit of effort. Here is a link if you would like information on how to grow your own.

Micro-greens can be a great addition to your garden or a fun hobby that can keep you stocked up on delicious greens all year.  I have been growing many varieties for the past 2 years and am happy to share what I’ve learned. If you have specific questions or just want more information leave a comment below or  send me an email.


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