January in the garden: what to do?

It’s January, the garden is covered in snow, local produce is almost nonexistent and daylight is short lived, but now is a great time to be planning next years bounty and for some that have prepared well, harvesting greens planted last fall. Taking a look back on the past year we can see what grew well and make changes to this years garden plan. Maybe you’d like more greens this year, planning for some succession plantings of lettuce could do the trick. A good strategy is to map out a bird’s eye view of your garden plot on a sheet of paper so you can visualize where everything will be including planting dates, there are some good garden planning apps out there as well if that is easier. The app from Mother Earth News works great and their site has all the information you need about climate zones, seed starting and other useful tips.

Another great resource and something that has opened my eyes to a whole new possibility in the garden is “The Four Season Harvest”, a book by Elliot Coleman that shows simple techniques to extend the harvest. There is something amazing about harvesting fresh greens from underneath a row cover when the winter cold should have killed everything off. Accomplishing this does require a bit more motivation and initial work including a simple inexpensive hoop house and row cover but the payoff is worth it if you ask me.

What are some things you do in January to keep the winter blues away?


3 thoughts on “January in the garden: what to do?

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  2. veganshire

    in the way past, i didn’t really like winters because i didn’t get outside enough, and then i discover snowshoes and after that i started playing on backcountry xc ski’s and with climate change 😉 i love to bike in the winter whenever possible. meditation helps keep my january blues away too

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