Natural Pest control

img_20160914_073144438Some might view this spider as a pest that needs to be controlled but it is actually a great helper. Conventional thinking and corporate greed would have us believe that the way to a healthy garden is to use their chemicals to kill the bugs we deem to be undesirable but nature has a much better system.  There is a delicate balance to the environment that we can only start to understand and spraying poison on it doesn’t seem like an intelligent way to interact with it to me. These products can act as a quick fix but can be harmful to us and the environment. If you are interested in cultivating a healthier garden without using chemicals and working with the natural world I have included some tips to get started.

Encourage Biodiversity

If we look at nature there isn’t just one plant growing in an area but 100’s of different species.  So plant a variety of different things and see what works best for your climate, but the key here is variety.  This will encourage A healthy eco-system which makes it much harder for an infestation to wreak havoc on your garden.

Plant Insectary plants

These are plants that will attract the “good guys” including; bees, parasitic wasps, lady bugs and others that feast on the “problem” insects.  They also provide nectar to pollinators which will also be beneficial.  Some plants to think about are; clovers, yarrow, dill, borage, alyssum and angelica to name a few.


This might not seem like something related to pest control but encouraging healthy soil will create healthy plants which are much more resistant to pests. weak, diseased plants will attract insects into the garden so composting is your first line of defense against pest infestation.

These things can get you started but the information available about natural gardening is vast. I hope this helps, happy growing! 

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