Keeping it simple

“If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old you don’t understand it yourself.”

-Albert Einstein

Growing plants is one of those things in life that is simple when we look at the basics; plant some seeds, add water and watch them grow.  At the same time nature is so complex that we can spend a lifetime observing and interacting with it but still won’t completely understand it.  Going into the growing season with simplicity in mind will make for a much more enjoyable time in the garden.

To get started create a plan and stick to it.  Check out my post titled January in the garden: what to do? if you don’t already have a plan to follow.  This will take out the guess-work of when, what and where to plant creating some peace of mind.  This shouldn’t take too long and can be looked at as a road map to follow.

To get an idea of how to keep it simple through the year picture the garden in full bloom.  Where will you be spending the most time? What are some things that could make your job easier? Thinking about these things before growing gets underway can save a lot of headaches.

By siting your garden near the kitchen it becomes much more convenient to pop into the garden and harvest whatever you need while cooking.  A simple layer of mulch around plants can save hours of weed pulling, it’s a great way to add fertility to the soil and reduce evaporation, oh how I love things with multiple uses! Watering is another area that can be kept simple but if neglected can become a nightmare of tangled and twisted hose being dragged all summer long. Here are some tips for simple irrigation to think about. (the simplest method of irrigation would be to let mother nature take care of it but I don’t recommend this for everyone.)

Create space in your day to be still and enjoy what you have helped create, by doing this things will be noticed that may have flown under the radar otherwise. Observing our gardens and natural surroundings over the seasons lets us see what works and what doesn’t.  We can see that mother nature is our greatest ally and will help us keep it simple if we learn to adapt and work with her.




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