The mighty wheel hoe

When cultivating a large garden bed the wheel hoe is a simple hand tool that packs a powerful punch!  Today I had the task of preparing these 4 200 ft. rows of asparagus to ensure they were weed free when they start to grow in a few weeks.  With this tool and a little elbow grease I was able to make quick work of this seemingly daunting task.  If I could choose between a tractor and this beauty I would choose the wheel hoe every time.  Besides being low cost, not requiring gasoline and its low maintenance needs, there is something oddly satisfying about ripping through the earth by your own effort.

As the demand increases for local, organic produce and more farms switch to small acreage intensive production there is also a shift in thinking happening.  Instead of getting buried in debt one can start a small scale farm on a meager budget (with tools like the wheel hoe) and still be very profitable.  This shift is changing agriculture for the better, getting away from the addiction to chemical fertilizer, pesticides and heavy mechanization on farms and moving towards local and sustainable solutions that make sense for our health and that of the environment.



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