5 ways to re-use plastic bags

Single use plastic has become a huge problem around the world. It is in our oceans, covering roadsides and just about anywhere you can think of. The best option is to find plastic free alternatives, check out this website (Life without plastic). But what to do with the abundance of plastic all around us? Here I have put together 5 creative ways to re-use plastic bags.


Make “PLARN”: For anyone that enjoys knitting PLARN or “plastic yarn” is a free alternative that can be made from plastic bags. The process is a bit time consuming but can create some really cool items and uses up plastic that is littering the environment. This link from instructables outlines the steps well.


Create super-insulated building blocks: I have not personally built anything using plastic bags but the idea is pretty cool. The bags get compressed and formed into blocks that are solid and super-insulated. Harvey Lacy invented a hand operated press that can be made low cost and used to turn trash into building blocks to build homes anywhere. Check out his website here.

Building the Ubuntu Blox / Plastic Block House

Protect plants from frost: When cold weather threatens tender plants or seedlings place a bag over the top and push into the soil to hold it in place.


Make knee pads: If you spend a lot of time in the garden protect your knees by wrapping plastic bags around them and stuff with other bags.


Recycle: Most recycling centers accept plastic bags, if yours does not this link can help you locate one. (Recycle Plastics)






3 thoughts on “5 ways to re-use plastic bags

  1. John

    I like the knee pads. I especially like that there are people like you coming up with ideas to rid us of such a widely used product that is littering our planet.


  2. veganshire

    i know that most chain grocery stores have plastic bag recycling bins near their front entrances. walmart does too and that’s the only reason i ever stop there 😉
    and those knee pads are hilarious


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