Potentially Useful Material

Convenience and consumption have come to dominate our society which has led to waste being accepted as normal. So many things we use get tossed in the garbage destined for a landfill without a second thought. This disposability mindset is a dangerous one that comes with serious consequences. It pollutes the environment and disconnects us from nature.

P.U.M. is a way of looking at things through a different lens, getting creative and finding the potential hidden in all materials including; “waste”, broken equipment, packaging, old clothes etc. When we start to look at things in this way a whole new world of possibilities opens up where we can appreciate things more and live more sustainably. We can begin to disconnect from corporations whose only goal is profit and not the well-being of the the earth and its inhabitants.

Getting creative and making something out of the potentially useful material around us instead of going out and buying something new can effect us in many ways. Besides the money you will save there is a greater sense of satisfaction and well-being that come from working with our hands. The things we create can better serve their purpose in our lives than something generic you buy at the store because it can be custom fit to our standards. Also when our minds are used creatively it opens doors to new possibilities and allows us to see better solutions to everyday problems. The usefulness of everyday “junk” is only limited by our imaginations.

So take a look around and discover the potentially useful material that surrounds us. Get creative and build or convert some P.U.M. into something that serves a purpose in your life and see how fulfilling it can be! Check out the P.U.M. page on Divine Greens for some inspiration, we’ve broken it down into material categories for easy searching. Have fun and keep thinking outside the box!


4 thoughts on “Potentially Useful Material

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  3. veganshire

    i say …”throw this away”… yet where is AWAY?? strange isn’t it, how we speak and do with such little thought. P.U.M. is absolutely fun!! and i love seeing all of your inspirational pictures there.

    Liked by 1 person

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