The benefits of Wild Foods

Learning about and using the wild foods around us is an incredibly rewarding experience. Wild foods have extremely high nutritional content, are delicious and free! Utilizing this abundance surrounding us cuts out the middle man, packaging, shipping and mother nature does the gardening for you. What could be better than that?

In a world where we can go to the grocery store and get any type of food at any time of the year it is easy to forget that not too long ago people survived and thrived on the seasonal bounty provided by nature. Now I am not advocating that you boycott supermarkets and become a full-time forager but to discover some of the seasonal foods hiding in plain sight all around.

Foods growing in the wild often have more flavor as well as high vitamin and mineral content.  You don’t have to look for an organic label when wild harvesting because nature doesn’t need to use any harmful chemicals When we eat the “weeds” around us it promotes a cultural shift towards eliminating the use of herbicides. When humans show appreciation for the value of wild foods as a critical resource for health and quality of life, we help ensure that the land will stay wild to support all of our communities (human and non-human).

Eating from the wild is the freshest, most vital and resilient food option we have available to us. When we eat directly from the earth, the vitality of the food is at its peak and less quantity of food is required for the maximum nutrition. We can witness all the wild creatures in nature thriving on what seems to be very little food, maybe we could learn something from them.

When harvesting from the wild take only what you need making sure you leave enough for all other the beings depending on these  plants. It is also highly recommended to clearly identify wild plants with a trained guide to assure the safe eating of these wild edible foods.

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