The 5 best places to find PUM

Everywhere I look there is potentially useful material. It is not something that can be clearly defined because it can be just about anything in the hands of the right person. I have found that there are a few places that it tends to accumulate in higher concentrations. Listed here are the top 5 places that I come across P.U.M. My potentially useful materials jackpots if you will.

  1. Roadsides: The roadsides have become a catch all for garbage, equipment, tools and everything else under the sun. You name it and you can probably find it somewhere on the roadside.
  2. Nature: The abundance nature surrounds us with is astonishing. From wild foods, to building materials nature is the ultimate source for potentially useful material, it is on us to treat it with care and respect. Take only what you need and think about the possible effects on ecosystems and other beings before taking.
  3. The kitchen: P.U.M. in the kitchen can have many different forms. From using the chip crumbs at the bottom of the bag for a salad topping to using the “waste” water after soaking garbanzo beans (a.k.a. aquafaba) to make an egg substitute. Check out this post for other tasty ideas using bean water. 5 things you can make with chickpea water
  4. Businesses: Most businesses have “waste” that they are happy to give away, all you have to do is ask. Bike shops are a gold mine, most shops go through tons of scrap bike parts. Bike parts are an up cycler’s dream! They can be turned into art, functional furniture, tools and much more. We have some creative projects showcased on our METAL page.
  5. Dumpsters: Dumpster diving may not be the most glamorous activity in the eyes of some but it has a special place in my heart. From grocery stores to construction sites you will be amazed at some of the things that people throw away. The saying holds true; “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”!

These are just a few of the “hot spots” I have found, but in reality it can be anywhere, it just takes some creativity.

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