Food Waste and P.U.M. in the kitchen

Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year ( about 1.3 billion tons) gets lost or wasted. That is nearly 680 billion US$ in industrialized countries and 310 billion US$ in developing countries worth of food being thrown out, lost or wasted. This is an unimaginable amount of food that is not getting where it needs to go and money being flushed down the toilet. Composting is the ultimate use for food scraps if you ask me and it is an easy way anyone can start turning food waste into a useful material that your garden will love, check out this post on composting to start your own today.

Besides composting your food scraps there are tons of opportunities to find P.U.M. in the kitchen. Here are a few:

  1. Are your bananas getting too ripe? Before getting rid of them turn them into delicious banana ice cream. Cut into pieces, put in the freezer for a few hours, then blend until smooth (I like to add peanut butter and chocolate).IMG_20170607_180847842.jpg
  2. I try to limit my plastic bag use but when I do get them I wash and reuse.  Hung up on some repurposed bailing twine from the side of the road 🙂IMG_20170607_181923076.jpg
  3. Save your organic sticker labels and put them to a good use, sealing envelopes, patching holes, decorating the house… Wherever you need more stickiness in your life.1496881438203434373201
  4. Once you eat all the celery stalks and have no more logs for your ants, regrow another bunch by placing the base in a glass of water in a sunny spot and replant it in the garden after it sprouts some new roots.IMG_20170607_115344058.jpg
  5. Chips gone stale? Make some vegan Mexican lasagna with them.
  6. Tired of peanut buttery knuckles from scraping the rest of peanut butter out of the jar? Make your overnight oats in the container to get the last of it.IMG_20170607_123012183
  7. Once you’ve finished crunching all your pretzels save the salt to season up your next dish.
  8. Bread crumbs in the bottom of the bag can be put to good use by drying them out and using them on your salad.
  9. What to use all those plastic bread bag clips for? Hanging things out to dry of course!IMG_20170607_184003935

10. You can reuse plastic straws into tiny spice holders for camping trips.


Have fun experimenting with these tricks and keep thinking outside the box!

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