Sun tea

If you love a cup of refreshing tea and all of the benefits but don’t have a way to heat water or would rather not use the fuel, sun tea is your answer! All you will need is a mason jar and some fresh or dried herbs of your choice. Place the herbs in the jar and fill with water then place in a sunny spot for 2-8 hours, pour through a strainer, compost the herbs and enjoy either hot or cold. Leaving the herbs in the sun longer will result in a stronger tea so adjust your steep time according to preference.

Making sun tea is a simple way to be a little more sustainable and use less fuel to heat water. Why not use the abundant energy of the sun when it’s available!

My favorite recipe for sun tea includes nettle, mint and lemon balm. I add all these herbs in equal amounts to a quart size mason jar and put in the sun for 6ish hours. I then strain out the plant material and let it cool down. Once chilled I add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy over ice, it’s the perfect drink after a hot summer day. The lemon balm and mint go great with lemon while the nettle replenishes the body with plentiful vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and iron.


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