Meatless meats

Animal agriculture is like the elephant in the room that doesn’t get talked about but is one of the greatest contributors to deforestation and water pollution. With the population expected to reach 9 billion in the near future new ways of producing food are going to be a must. Animal agriculture is terribly inefficient, devastating from an environmental stand point and forces billions of beings every year to a violent death. What if there was another way? A way to produce meat (or something identical in taste, texture and smell) 95% more sustainably and not kill a single being in the process. These alternatives to meat are being developed right now, and may be one of the biggest innovations happening in 2017. Impossible foods is one company making progress in this field, they are working on making a meatless burger that is indistinguishable from a meat patty, and they are getting closer and closer. It is just a matter of time before we have a choice between animal meat and a meatless option, if you had the choice, which would you choose?

Right now plant based meats hold only a .5% share of the market but this is expected to keep climbing. With more of the population adopting vegan and vegetarian diets than ever before and having an awareness around the suffering of other beings meatless meats may be over taking traditional meat in the not too distant future… O.K. that may be pushing it but who knows!?

It is mind boggling to think about how fast the lungs of our planet are being cleared and a large percentage of that is to clear land for animal feed. It is easier than ever to go veg with tons of resources available. If you are having trouble giving up meat but want to end animal suffering check out these new meatless meat options that are showing up in grocery stores everywhere. Choosing to stop consuming animal products is a powerful action anyone can take at anytime that will make a difference.

One thought on “Meatless meats

  1. Carrie

    Wow, I really like how you put it! It’s simple and straight forward; If humans like eating animal meat yet don’t really want any animal to suffer (which is the case for most people) there’s an option. I like how your not pushy and that you give us resources to make it easier for us to live by our values of compassion. Thanks

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