10 Things to do with mason Jars

We use mason jars for all sorts of things around the house. They can be very useful and will last for years if you’re careful with them. Our main purpose for mason jars is food storage and drink containers but I have come across some very creative uses people have found for their jars. Here are 10 of my favorites:

  1. Storage is possibly the easiest and most practical use…


2. The jars can be turned into beautiful planters, potentially a nice little kitchen herb garden for your culinary pleasure?


3. Do you ever misplace your sewing needles? Not anymore with this handy dandy DIY sewing kit.


4. This is a recipe for vegan “smackers” ( S’mores on crackers) in a jar. Crumble some Ritz crackers into the bottom, layer on some vegan dark chocolate and top it off with some Dandy’s brand marshmallows (all the marshmallow goodness without the cruelty of gelatin). Place jars on a cooking sheet, heat for 5-10 minutes and enjoy your smackers!


5. Add some sandpaper to the top of the jar for waterproof match storage.



6. Combine oats, berries, seeds, nuts and other toppings of your choice in a mason jar. Fill with water or plant based milk until completely covered, place in the fridge over night and enjoy an easy, hassle free breakfast.


7. Use as desk storage for pencils, pens and scissors. If you know how to crotchet add another layer of beauty by making a sleeve for them.


8. Jars can make nice looking plant containers for your home or to share with friends.


9. Make your own candles.


10. Layer your salad ingredients into a jar for an easy on the go lunch.



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