Our trip to the junk yard

As we climbed over the hill in the sandy wash there was a glimmer of light in the distance. As we got closer the sun was reflecting off all sorts of metal and glass poking out of the sand calling us to come investigate. Old cars, bottles, scrap metal, R.V.’s… some may say we found a junk yard but to us it was a gold mine! All of this great material forgotten out here in the sand waiting to be given new life.

An old shopping cart was the grand jewel found that day, I was not as excited as my partner at first but the more I thought about potential uses the cart began to grow on me. It is now at our home awaiting to be up-cycled into something useful… I am not sure what yet but I know it will be more useful than rusting away in the desert.

Another thing my partner pointed out was the size of this cart, it is about half the size of today’s carts. Did our food needs grow that much over the years or is over consumption becoming the norm? I wouldn’t say our needs have changed but possibly there are more frivolous things to be wanted in this day and age. It is interesting to look at these carts and think about the way life is changing rapidly all the time, it made me examine my life a little deeper and think more about things I need versus things I want.

I’m not saying that we should all go out and re-purpose things others have left in the junkyard but to think about our consumption and what happens to our things once we are done with them. Because where is away? A pile in the desert? Buried in a landfill? These things all effect the integrity of our environment and diminish the beauty of the wild. Before throwing something out think about it as a potentially useful material, and if you don’t see the potential recycle it so somebody else can.

5 thoughts on “Our trip to the junk yard

      1. Oh, I was asking about whether in your country shops in general offered customers baskets in lieu of huge trolleys.

        What is PUM by the way?


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