5 Things To Do with old T-Shirts

If you’re anything like me you may have a heap of old t-shirts laying around that don’t get worn anymore. Instead of letting them continue to take up room in your closet or end up in a dumpster here are 5 things you could do with them.

  1.  Make a produce bag. This will help cut down on single use plastic bags at the store and get people asking where you got your sweet bag. It’s a simple process outlined in these photos, for another method check out this post from HGTV.com


2. Make a pillow case that will bring back memories from that concert you saw in high school every time you lay down. (The process is similar to the t-shirt bag but you tie it around something cushy.)


3. If you’re not too nostalgic about a shirt, cut it into strips for cleaning rags. But keep the sleeves for #4.


4. Once you have cut the sleeves off they make a great headband to keep sweet and hair out of your face.




5. If you have a furry friend running around make a dog toy by cutting a t-shirt into strips and braid them together. This is a simple way to keep little scruffy amused for hours.




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