The effects of “super foods” on the planet’s health

Nowadays it seems like there is a new study coming out every week stating that our bodies will function at there best if we eat this root or that fruit. It can be easy to get sucked into the hype and want our bodies to function at there best and maybe some exotic foods from a foreign land will do just that but at what cost? I am not saying that we should end the globalized economy and only eat local foods (although this may be the direction we need to move in as some scientists are stating that we are entering into the  6th mass extinction) but I am saying we should differentiate between our wants and needs and think about how important something is we are putting into our bodies. Is it worth having something shipped across the world in order to “think” our bodies are functioning a little bit better?

Although there may be some merit to these super food claims and studies I would argue that the main intention is for someone to make more money and further exploit the Earth. I agree that plants can do some incredible things and what we eat has an enormous effect on our health (part of the reason I eat a vegan diet) but it is not necessary to look past our own backyards in many cases to find all the “super foods” we need. The definition of super food is “a nutrient rich food considered to be beneficial for health and well-being” and we are surrounded by these in most places of the world. Take a look at your local library for wild edible plants or dig up some ground and grow a garden.

In order for the planet to continue to sustain us we need to stop listening to those just trying to make a quick buck. With the state of the world in ecological crisis it is up to us to take the earth into consideration when we make decisions about what we consume and buy..

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