Keep our wild lands WILD

Driving to Walden, CO I stopped at a scenic overlook to check out the meandering river below. Leading up to the overlook were a series of plaques revealing the history of this place informing onlookers of the timber, mining and cattle ranching that were the big industries. This was obviously meant to invoke a sense of pride and awe of these things but for me it was more of a walk of shame. These things may have sustained people in those times but at what cost? We have treated the Earth as something to be exploited for much too long. We continue to use millions of acres of land to graze cattle and grow feed for animals but fail to see the precious wilderness that is being destroyed and cruelty that is being committed.

If animals and the Earth’s resources continue to be exploited this way for the greed of a few there will not be much left for us or future generations to enjoy. I was in State Forest State Park in Colorado before this and the scars from clear cuts and cattle were very apparent. Is it o.k. to let our government sell off our precious state parks to the highest bidder so they can make a little money? I say hell no! I’d rather not see barbed wire fence and clear cut forest while in the wilderness. These things are for us to protect and enjoy not consume and destroy.

I know there are many that share my same opinion that wilderness should stay wilderness and there are some things more sacred than making a quick buck. The walk of shame I saw this past weekend showing Colorado’s history doesn’t have to be the future. Change can happen if enough people make there voice heard and make it clear they won’t stand for these things anymore. Even more outrageous is that our tax money also funds a program called Wildlife Services which acts as a personal hit squad killing animals deemed “nuisance animals” by ranchers. Right now in Washington the wolf population of around 90 wolves is under attack by airborne snipers looking protect the cattle. If you are not OK with this kind of practice make your voice heard and sign this petition here at

Don’t let a small group of wealthy individuals decide the future of our wild lands for us!

One thought on “Keep our wild lands WILD

  1. Carrie

    if we think more deeply about our actions we can see that humans do some really insane things. one story on cows and wilderness: on a backpack in san pedro parks wilderness area in NM (where the continental divide trail crosses thru) there were soooooo many cows that we kept sadly mistaking them as elk. we’d see large figures way off in the distance in meadow after meadow and we’d get excited and pull out the binos. then we’d hear the cow bells….. and in camp, they licked our tent and gear and we smelled their poo all night. this felt nothing like wilderness to me. cows are not wildlife! ranchers, and humans who purchase animal products, are hugely responsible for displacing the wildlife one can expect to admire in WILDERNESS. i signed the petition!

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