Earth overshoot day 2017

Today is Earth overshoot but that is nothing to celebrate. As of today we have used up more natural resources than the Earth can replenish in one year. So this means that any resources used for the rest of the year is not sustainable.

Calculated by dividing the number of ecological resources produced every year by humanity’s ecological footprint, and then multiplying that by 365, the Global Footprint Network produces a day every year that is the maximum date we as humans have before we overshoot our sustainability mark – sadly, that day arrives at little over halfway through the year.

According to the Earth Overshoot day website deforestation (for animal agriculture & feed production), carbon emissions and over fishing are the three main culprits. Forests are being cleared at an alarming rate of nearly 50,200 square miles of forest a year, that is an area about the size of England! A way that anyone can make a huge difference is to stop supporting the animal agriculture industry and try a Vegan diet. The global footprint network website suggests other ways of reducing our carbon footprint with Eco-friendly lifestyle suggestions, check it out.

It may not always seem like it but our actions matter and one by one they will shape our future. I’d like to see a future where the Earth we live on and share with so many beautiful beings is respected and protected, whether this is a reality will depend on us.





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