What the Health?

Watching the film “what the health” for a second time I was blown away by some of the facts. If you haven’t seen this film yet I highly recommend it. What the Health. Anybody that still thinks the government and big food corporations have our best interest in mind will be in for a shock after watching.

There are many reasons to adopt a vegan diet and this film focuses on the health benefits of not eating animals and their by-products. The meat, dairy and egg industries have gotten so big and influential that despite what the science says they are able to keep foods like red meat, eggs and dairy on the the “healthy foods” guidelines that are recommended for us to eat while 2/3rds of adults are overweight or obese and there is an epidemic of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Eating vegan has never been easier with tons of resources and the knowledge that eating animals is slowly killing us.

A big motivation for me is to stop supporting big corporations that are sacrificing animal’s lives, the environment and our health just to increase profits. These facts can’t stay hidden forever and the time is quickly approaching when we need to pick a side, that of life or that of corporate greed.

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