Combating climate change 3x day

I was at the Taos environmental film festival today to watch the movie “Before the Flood” which did a good job showing how bad things have gotten in terms of environmental damage caused by humans but only touched on the easiest thing we can do to combat it. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of water depletion, deforestation, species extinction and climate change and by going vegan we stop supporting this industry and the incredible suffering of animals that goes along with it. The big secret I have learned after eating this way for almost a year is it’s easy! Way easier and more delicious than I could have imagined, it has opened me up to a whole new world of food and flavor. There are so many free resources on how to make the switch online with meat and dairy alternatives to everything you could imagine at just about every grocery store.  Check out my resources page or just google vegan eating if you are interested in personal choices that make a huge difference. I can get frustrated thinking about the dire situation we have gotten ourselves into but it feels good that everyday what I choose to eat (or not eat) directly impacts the environment, and doesn’t support suffering, the choice is ours to take action everyday.


One thought on “Combating climate change 3x day

  1. Carrie

    it is interesting that environmental events… don’t discuss/address the leading causes of environmental degradation: human over population and subsequent consumption of resources, and animal agriculture. within those 2 topics, there are personal choices we can make. to reproduce, to adopt, or to abstain from reproducing, and to eat fellow sentient beings and their by products or to abstain from eating animal products all together. i love that we have the kind of personal power to do what’s best for our future, the planets health, and others well being, and that the practice of those choices can be so easy, yet i am continuously surprised that humans don’t act on their values of not harming others and that they don’t think much beyond their personal wants.


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