True Strength

When I think about strength an imagine of someone with big bulging muscles comes to mind but what does it mean to have true strength? Not just physical strength but having what it takes to stand up for what we believe in. To help out the underdogs, the less fortunate and persecuted, to be the voice for those that don’t have one. I say all of this because there is so much persecution and a need for people with true strength in today’s world. When looking at the big picture there will always be someone less fortunate than I and in need of a helping hand but there are beings dying by the billions each year that are really in need of true strength from us. It is farmed animals that get overlooked the most and suffer through dreadful lives in a cage until they are big enough to slaughter so somebody can eat them. The pigs that never get to see green grass or blue skies need people with strength to stand up for them, the chicken spending its life in a tiny cage and all other beings held against their will for someone’s enjoyment need us too.

In the backwards world we live in some see true strength as being dominant and forcing control with violence but I see this as cowardice and ultimately coming from a place of fear and ego-centered beliefs. True strength is compassion and standing up for what we believe in no matter what the opposition, saying no to senseless suffering and death even if it is against the status quo. There has never been a time with such a need for true strength than there is now. 56 billion farmed animals are killed a year without being able to say stop (this figure doesn’t even include sea creatures!) We are ravaging the planet by cutting down forests to make room for more farmed animals that pollute the water, destroy wildlife habitat and contribute to global warming. We cannot continue on this suicide path of destruction and need people with strength to stand up and say enough!

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