“PUM”kins: Decorating for Halloween with trash.

Today, with the help of some milk jugs, we decided to make some halloween decor without buying anything or creating any extra waste. What did we come up with? PUMkins! This is a super easy project and all that you need is a milk jug, some scissors and a mud puddle. Just draw your spooky design on the jug, cut it out and smear on the mud! Cut a hole in the back to put a candle inside or feed it in through the mouth (but don’t get bit), and Wala you’ve got some Halloween decoration that can be recycled afterwards or re-used next year. With an unimaginable amount of plastic ending up in landfills, waterways and wilderness it is important to do our part.

We’ll be dreaming up different decorations before Halloween using other pieces of PUM so stay tuned! You never know what we’ll dream up next.

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