Everybody Eco-brick!

Creating Eco bricks started as a fun challenge for my partner and I and now we are seeing how big they’re potential truly is. For those of you who don’t know what exactly eco-bricks are check out eco-bricks: an easy alternative to trashing trash. Since we made our first brick we are generating nearly zero waste and now have a bottle in place of our garbage can and in each of our cars. (It is much easier to stuff the bottles as you go than accumulate trash and hold a “bottle stuffing party” but either way gets the job done.

If everybody started creating Eco bricks and building with them our homes and structures could start replacing landfills! We are now on a mission to produce as little trash as possible and eco-brick’s can play a huge role, I challenge you to try it out and see how much it can reduce the trash you create.

What can go into an Eco-brick?



Anything that can’t be composted, recycled, upcycled or would otherwise end up in the landfill including but not limited to;

Chip bags, cereal bags, produce stickers, twist ties, candy and nutrition bar wrappers…

and the list goes on.

What to build with Eco bricks?


These bricks can be used in a variety of alternative building methods, they can be left exposed (as pictured above) or plastered over to give a more modern look. If you’ve never built anything before give it a try, a new playhouse for the kids or a wall around your garden would be a good beginner project… although you may have to recruit some friends to start building eco-bricks depending how ambitious your build becomes.

I hope this inspires someone, if you have questions or want to share something you built out of eco-bricks drop me a line at john@divinegreenswi.com




One thought on “Everybody Eco-brick!

  1. veganshire

    i love eco bricking and that we no longer have a trash can. because we eco brick i do feel less guilty about my ‘waste’, yet it does not give me a reason to consume more. it’s so easy to eco brick and it’s actually fun.

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