Taking action!

With all the negativity in the world; environmental destruction, habitat loss and global warming it is easy to point fingers and say what big corporations and others need to do in order to create change. What I have learned in my life is taking action, no matter how small it may seem is incredibly empowering and can give a sense of purpose that may even bring some joy into your life. When our beliefs, thoughts and actions are aligned life seems to take on new meaning.

To start it is important to figure out what is important? What is it that makes you feel most alive? This blog focuses on the environment, sustainability and animal rights because these are the things important to me that I feel an urgent need for change. It can be hard to take action for an issue without truly believing in it so it is important to do a bit of soul searching if you haven’t figured out what that is for you. //animals could always use another voice and we’ve only got one planet… no pressure though :)//

Activism can take on many forms beyond the stereotype of an angry group holding picket signs and chanting. Although demonstration and protest can be effective they are not for everyone but there are so many other things we can do to get involved. The food we choose to eat is a form of activism and who we support with our money as well. Choosing to not eat or use animal products sends a clear message just as not buying from a company that uses child labor says “I don’t support this practice”. Our interactions with people everyday can be powerful activism and something I have observed is that when trying to get someone to change or alter their perspective trying to understand someone’s point of view rather than trying to be understood usually gets better results. People are much more open when they feel heard so asking questions can be an effective tool.

Below I’ve made a list of personal actions anyone can make if they are so inclined.

  • Letter writing
  • Email campaigns
  • Social networking
  • sign online petitions
  • Use your car as a billboard
  • Use your body as a billboard
  • leaflet
  • distribute vegan starter kits
  • create a local group
  • use stickers to educate the public
  • work with government
  • influence local media

Or get creative and make something up but the important thing is to get out there and act! As somebody once said “if nothing changes, nothing changes” so let’s get out there and do SOMETHING!


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