Stop the Torture! Don’t support animal testing.

Animal testing is a dirty little secret that is happening behind the scenes in the name of science and needs to end. The testing is being carried out for companies to test products like chemicals, cleaners, skin care and other luxuries being sold but it is cruel and many times not providing any useful information except for protecting these big corporations from law suits. Craziest of all is that there are now other methods of testing that don’t require animals and not required but some companies (with the FDA’s support) continue this grotesque practice, this cannot continue to go on. I’ve never been to an animal testing facility but seeing it on video was enough for me to realize that there is nothing I value enough to put another being through the brutal lives these animals must live. Living life in a small cage, scarred of what people will put you through next until your body can’t take anymore.

Rabbits, mice and rats are the animals mostly used but dogs, cats primates and others are also subjected to insane cruelties. They are tested for; eye irritably, acute toxicity, repeated dose toxicity, skin corrosivity, skin sensation, dermal penetration, neural toxicity, reproductive toxicity and more. There is no reason to treat another being this way and future generations will look back with shock and disgust that this was an accepted practice.

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The American Anti-Vivisection Society is dediated to ending the use of animals in science and their website has a ton of information on the subject. The easiest way to know if a product is not tested on animals is anything that is certified vegan or cruelty free, not all products carry this label but it is a good place to start if you don’t want to support companies that torture animals. This page from the humane societies website has some some tips for keeping your shopping cart cruetly free. I hope this information was helpful and you will help stop the insanity and give a voice to the voiceless animals that need our help.



TIP OF THE DAY: Look for the leaping bunny on products that ensures they are cruelty free!

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