Eat like you give a damn

Our planet is in serious trouble. In the past 40 years alone, we’ve lost over half of the world’s wildlife; there are more than 400 massive dead zones in the oceans, completely devoid of life due to our pollution; and there is currently more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than there has ever been in human history.

So what’s driving this damage? Well, mostly – it’s our food choices. Primarily, our obsession with meat, dairy, and eggs. Chickens, cows, pigs and other farmed animals are made slaves to satisfy a broken food system that is destroying the planet, instead of being able to live out their lives like everyone should. The lie that a farmed animal is different from a pet and does not deserve love but a life of confinement and suffering is a lie indeed and the fact that it is believed by the majority doesn’t change that fact.  These beings that man has decided to exploit and treat as commodities deserve love and we need to demand change for their sake and for the fate of the planet.


*The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that livestock production is responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, while other organizations like the Worldwatch Institute have estimated it could be as much as 51 percent.

As you can see, we’re using more land and water resources than the world can sustain to simply produce food. In addition, industrial animal agriculture is driving large-scale deforestation, habitat loss and pushing countless species to the brink of extinction.

And despite the widespread destruction and drain on natural resources to produce food, nearly one billion people still go to bed hungry every night! As our population grows from 7.5 billion today to 9.6 billion by 2050 (which is another topic that gets swept under the rug, overpopulation), things are going to get rather bleak on planet earth if we continue on this suicide path.

But the good news is we have the power to be a part of the solution starting today.

By deciding to go vegan you will not only save hundreds of animals and thousands of trees every year, but also conserve hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, cut your carbon footprint in half, and help redirect grain from the livestock system to feed people.

You have the potential to make an enormous impact!

Stay tuned this week as I will be writing about some courageous people fighting on the front lines for animals and our environment, which have made me ask myself, “how far are you willing to go in order to create change.”

3 thoughts on “Eat like you give a damn

  1. veganshire

    eating vegan is one powerful/effective personal thing we can each do that doesn’t cost much $ or take any time. choosing to live this way right now is something we can do to buy the time we need to also make other systemic changes to lower our carbon footprint and fend off further climate change impacts. given the huge impact our diets have on the planet, it makes total sense to eat like we give a damn. given that non human animals feel pain and that it is unneccassary for us to eat them, it it a moral obligation for us to open our minds and hearts and to leave them off of our plates. thanks for blogging about this

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