Collecting some building materials

The other day Carrie set out for a bike ride to do some training for our upcoming Baja divide ride but ended up returning loaded with plastic bottles she had found on the side of the road ready to be turned into eco-bricks. I guess building materials take precedent over training. She had found over 25 bottles in a few miles! With this jackpot I had to join and see what else was out there. We both set out and within an hour we were at capacity again, with over 50 bottles total.

Carrie joyfully displaying our newly found “building materials” that people so graciously threw out their windows for us.

Now our issue is finding enough trash to fill these bottles… Which may end up being another pass on the roadside for us, doing some PUM collection/ trash cleanup. (depending on how you look at it)

Our goal is to collect enough bottles to eventually build a wall around our earthship and a wallapini greenhouse because we can never get enough vegetables. I will document these projects as we get to them. For now we’ve got some bottles to stuff, thanks for following along!

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