“PUM”kins: Decorating for Halloween with trash.

Today, with the help of some milk jugs, we decided to make some halloween decor without buying anything or creating any extra waste. What did we come up with? PUMkins! This is a super easy project and all that you need is a milk jug, some scissors and a mud puddle. Just draw your spooky … Continue reading “PUM”kins: Decorating for Halloween with trash.


Eco bricks: an easy alternative to trashing trash

If you are anything like me your trash seems to pile up with packaging that isn't recyclable and hard to reuse. Thanks to our friend Faith in Santa Fe we have a new solution to this problem that may be becoming a border line addiction for my partner. Eco bricks are a sustainable solution to … Continue reading Eco bricks: an easy alternative to trashing trash

Combating climate change 3x day

I was at the Taos environmental film festival today to watch the movie "Before the Flood" which did a good job showing how bad things have gotten in terms of environmental damage caused by humans but only touched on the easiest thing we can do to combat it. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of … Continue reading Combating climate change 3x day

PUM made DIY bike packing stove

Bike packing is great but the gear can be costly. Some things I would suggest buying unless you are skilled on the sewing machine and have lots of time to spare. Well made bags are worth the money and will stand the pounding bike packing can doll out. But when it comes to cooking the … Continue reading PUM made DIY bike packing stove

Keeping our Wilderness wild

Last weekend we took a bike packing trip that took us through the Grand Teton national park, national forest and parts of the great divide mountain bike route. This is a spectacular part of the country with large swaths of remote wilderness still intact. It feels good to get out and enjoy the quiet of … Continue reading Keeping our Wilderness wild

Sustainable building in New Mexico

What is sustainable building? If you could build a home that produced all it's own electricity, was heated by the sun and stayed cool in the summer passively why would you build any other way? I came to New Mexico last year to learn about Earthships and have seen that people have been building this … Continue reading Sustainable building in New Mexico

What to do with all that packaging?

I have a new addiction in my life that has taken hold of me, and it is not drugs or alcohol. My new addiction is bike packing, it combines two of my favorite things (back packing and biking) while being a great way to explore new areas and enjoy nature. I've always loved traveling by … Continue reading What to do with all that packaging?