How to start composting

Composting is an easy thing you can do that will divert tons of material from landfills and create amazing soil for your plants. The basics involve combining carbon and nitrogen rich materials to break down over time into a wonderful soil amendment. "Brown" or carbon rich materials include: straw, wood chips, cardboard and leaves. Examples …

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Grow an Edible Windbreak

A wind break will add value to any garden. It will provide the crops with protection, a habitat for wildlife adding to your biodiversity and if you choose the right plants delicious fruits, berries and herbs. The possibilities are endless, you could espaliar some fruit trees similar this picture and create a living fence, or …

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Passion flower

  Passion flower is one of those plants that looks like it could be from another planet. Besides being a stunningly beautiful flower the plant packs some great medicinal properties. The leaves, flowers and stems have been used for centuries for their calming, sleep inducing and muscle spasm reducing effects. Passion flower was approved as …

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Why you should eat micro-greens

By now everyone has probably heard about micro-greens and the magical power they have to give you super human strength and live to be 120 years old (just kidding), but they are pretty great and here are some real benefits. They are packed with vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown these baby plants to have …

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Transitioning to Perennial vegetables

Farmer's that grow mainly annuals requiring huge inputs of labor and fertility each year (which is the majority in modern agriculture today) may dream of a better way.  Perennial vegetables offer a solution to this problem but not without their own road blocks for farmer's trying to make a living.  To start not many people …

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