“PUM”kins: Decorating for Halloween with trash.

Today, with the help of some milk jugs, we decided to make some halloween decor without buying anything or creating any extra waste. What did we come up with? PUMkins! This is a super easy project and all that you need is a milk jug, some scissors and a mud puddle. Just draw your spooky … Continue reading “PUM”kins: Decorating for Halloween with trash.


Eco bricks: an easy alternative to trashing trash

If you are anything like me your trash seems to pile up with packaging that isn't recyclable and hard to reuse. Thanks to our friend Faith in Santa Fe we have a new solution to this problem that may be becoming a border line addiction for my partner. Eco bricks are a sustainable solution to … Continue reading Eco bricks: an easy alternative to trashing trash

PUM made DIY bike packing stove

Bike packing is great but the gear can be costly. Some things I would suggest buying unless you are skilled on the sewing machine and have lots of time to spare. Well made bags are worth the money and will stand the pounding bike packing can doll out. But when it comes to cooking the … Continue reading PUM made DIY bike packing stove

The 5 best places to find PUM

Everywhere I look there is potentially useful material. It is not something that can be clearly defined because it can be just about anything in the hands of the right person. I have found that there are a few places that it tends to accumulate in higher concentrations. Listed here are the top 5 places … Continue reading The 5 best places to find PUM

20 things you can make from chickpea water

Aquafaba translates to "bean water" and its uses are pretty exciting. It can be used as an egg replacer and recipes such as; meringues, mayo, butter, cheeses, baked goods and much more! It is wild to me that I have been wasting this stuff for so long when it can be used to make all … Continue reading 20 things you can make from chickpea water

Potentially Useful Material

Convenience and consumption have come to dominate our society which has led to waste being accepted as normal. So many things we use get tossed in the garbage destined for a landfill without a second thought. This disposability mindset is a dangerous one that comes with serious consequences. It pollutes the environment and disconnects us … Continue reading Potentially Useful Material