Growing medicine

Plants are incredible! Besides being delicious they are here to help us feel better too.  The link provided here lists a few of the "rockstar" plants for our health and gives tips on how to cultivate them.  Do you grow or consume any of these beauties? www.prevention.com


Transitioning to Perennial vegetables

Farmer's that grow mainly annuals requiring huge inputs of labor and fertility each year (which is the majority in modern agriculture today) may dream of a better way.  Perennial vegetables offer a solution to this problem but not without their own road blocks for farmer's trying to make a living.  To start not many people …

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End the War on WildLife

Right now we are living in the sixth mass extinction where dozens of species are going extinct EVERYDAY!! This “biological annihilation” of wildlife in recent decades means if we continue on this course there won’t be much of a future to look forward to. Check out our Gofundme page at the link below and subscribe …

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Conscious Consumption

It is that time of year when we are overwhelmed with the message to buy, buy, buy! Everyone is trying to sell some happiness but don't let that get in the way of actually being happy. It is very possible to live near zero waste in our trash filled society, here is some information I …

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Carrot Dogs: delicious, cruelty free dogs

This recipe is a great alternative to hot dogs and in my opinion even tastier. After all a hot dog is just a vehicle for condiments anyway. I’m telling you, there is really nothing that exists in the animal flesh world of food that cannot be made just as tasty with plants, and this vegan …

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ECOSIA: The search engine that plants trees

I discovered this company by chance while browsing the internet and it seems like a simple way to make the earth a better place and help plant trees. All you have to do is go to their website http://www.ecosia.org and follow the instructions to make ecosia your default search engine. The way it works is …

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Collecting some building materials

The other day Carrie set out for a bike ride to do some training for our upcoming Baja divide ride but ended up returning loaded with plastic bottles she had found on the side of the road ready to be turned into eco-bricks. I guess building materials take precedent over training. She had found over …

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Would you risk your life for an Elephant?

This is something that African Wildlife rangers are doing everyday to protect elephants from poachers. Rangers often work for little reward or recognition, risking and regularly losing their lives to protect the world’s wildlife and its fragile ecosystems. A ranger is killed in the line of duty, on average, every three days – often violently at …

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