Life without a trash can

Since we started "eco bricking" my partner and I have been able to completely get rid of our trash can. It has been exciting not having anything going to the dump and creating building materials instead. As I write this she is stuffing bottles we found on the roadside last night with some un-recycleable materials …

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Eco bricks: an easy alternative to trashing trash

If you are anything like me your trash seems to pile up with packaging that isn't recyclable and hard to reuse. Thanks to our friend Faith in Santa Fe we have a new solution to this problem that may be becoming a border line addiction for my partner. Eco bricks are a sustainable solution to …

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How to start composting

Composting is an easy thing you can do that will divert tons of material from landfills and create amazing soil for your plants. The basics involve combining carbon and nitrogen rich materials to break down over time into a wonderful soil amendment. "Brown" or carbon rich materials include: straw, wood chips, cardboard and leaves. Examples …

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