Biking the Baja Peninsula!

We have been planning our bicycle trip on the Baja divide mountain bike route for the past year and are now only weeks away from departure. Meal planning has been our biggest worry because we don't want to compromise our values during the 2 month ride. Our first plan was to ship boxes of food …

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Collecting some building materials

The other day Carrie set out for a bike ride to do some training for our upcoming Baja divide ride but ended up returning loaded with plastic bottles she had found on the side of the road ready to be turned into eco-bricks. I guess building materials take precedent over training. She had found over …

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PUM made DIY bike packing stove

Bike packing is great but the gear can be costly. Some things I would suggest buying unless you are skilled on the sewing machine and have lots of time to spare. Well made bags are worth the money and will stand the pounding bike packing can doll out. But when it comes to cooking the …

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