End the War on WildLife

Right now we are living in the sixth mass extinction where dozens of species are going extinct EVERYDAY!! This “biological annihilation” of wildlife in recent decades means if we continue on this course there won’t be much of a future to look forward to. Check out our Gofundme page at the link below and subscribe …

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Keeping our Wilderness wild

Last weekend we took a bike packing trip that took us through the Grand Teton national park, national forest and parts of the great divide mountain bike route. This is a spectacular part of the country with large swaths of remote wilderness still intact. It feels good to get out and enjoy the quiet of …

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Celebrate the Earth and all life that calls it home.

Today being Earth day it seems appropriate to write about our relationship to the wonderful wild areas remaining and how to protect them as they are destroyed and tamed by the onslaught of human "advancement". At the rate we are currently going there may not be wilderness for us to enjoy in the not so …

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