How to make a drip tape basket

1. First you will need to obtain some used drip tape. These instructions will be for a medium sized basket but once you learn the process any shape or size can be made.

2. Cut the tape into:

  • 6 – 60″ lengths
  • 13 @ 40″
  • 6 @ 36″
  • 2 @ 64”


3. Next you will need to make the bottom of the basket by creating a grid of over lapping 5 pieces horizontal with 15 vertical (2 being the 64″ pieces for the handles placed at the 4th vertical strip from each end) woven into a grid pattern. For the next step you will need some strong clothes pins or clips to hold the basket in place as you weave the sides.


4. Now that the bottom of the basket is in place it is time to start going around the sides with the 6 60″ pieces to form the walls of the basket. Start at a corner and clip the end of 1 60″ strip at a 90 degree angle and start weaving in and out of the vertical strips until you make a complete circle and clip it to hold it in place. The next 60 inch strip will go above the first, the basket will begin to take shape as you build each circle on top of the next.